Two Days of Inspiration!

- October 2015, Johannesburg

Come listen to some of the industry experts about what is happening in our favourite language... PHP.

The Vision

Quite simple really. Sharing of knowledge. Be it a fancy new tool or best practices. Come learn from some of the industry experts.


Two days of talks delivered by some experienced international and local speakers.


Want to learn a shiny new framework? Want to know how Docker works? We got you covered. Along with the talks there will also be an entire day of workshops. More information will be available soon.

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These Are Some Of The People That Will Be Sharing Their Knowledge

We promised industry experts and industry experts is what we deliver! See for yourself...


First Day

On the first day we will be covering thing like maintaining an open source project to designing your application. We also look at how to properly use some of the major tools available in our arsenal, and to end the day off we will be looking at the future of PHP from the PHP 7 release manager himself.



Behind The Scenes of Open Source Maintainership Keynote

Jordi Boggiano

Tea Break

Using Docker In The Real World

Tim Haak

Emergent Design: Cakes, Showers And Electricians

Rouan Wilsenach


Composer: The Right Way

Rafael Dohms

HTTP/2 and Asynchronous APIs

Davey Shafik


PHPStorm: 42 Tips and Tricks

Alexey Gopachenko

PHP 7 on the Horizon

Kalle Sommer Nielsen

Speakers Panel

Second Day

On the second day we are covering some soft skills, database design, some tips on managing legacy applications, and more. An exciting range of talks that should not be missed.



Journey Into Your Lizard Brain Keynote

Rafael Dohms

Tea Break

Wordpress Security

Stephane Boisvert

Managing Legacy Applications

Bernhard Breytenbach


Schema Design in Schemaless Databases

Simon Stewart

PHP: Under The Hood

Davey Shafik


Metrics for your PHP applications with StatsD and Graphite

Jeremy Quinton

Speakers Panel

Cape Town

By popular request we decided to offer the people who can't join us in Joburg their own special day in Cape Town. Some of the international speakers will be traveling through after the main event to talk at a one day only event. The event will take place at the beautiful Atlantic Imbizo.



Your Code Sucks, Let's Fix It Keynote

Rafael Dohms

Tea Break

Contributing to PHP.net

Kalle Sommer Nielson

Debugging Bugs with a Debugger

Stéphane Boisvert

PHPStorm: 42 Tips and Tricks

Alexey Gopachenko


PHP: Under The Hood

Davey Shafik


Five Weird Tricks to Become a Better Developer

Jordi Boggiano

Speakers Panel


  • Laravel

    Speaker: Johnathan Dell


    Developers have used Laravel for projects from small 3 page websites to complicated enterprise level applications. In this workshop Johnathan, one of its biggest fans, will introduce you to it and also show you why so many developers have chosen it as their framework of choice.

  • Docker

    Speaker: Tim Haak


    During this workshop JoburgPHP's resident Docker expert will be showing you how to get started with the application that started the container revolution. A great warmup for some of the talks that you can expect during the following 2 days.

  • Ansible

    Speaker: Zander Janse van Rensburg


    Ansible is an incredibly powerful tool to automate remote tasks. During this workshop Zander will show you how to use Ansible to do things such as deploy applications, complete server setup, and even getting your Docker containers up and running.

  • Google App Engine

    Speaker: Hiren Patel

    Google App Engine

    Google App Engine is a PaaS offering on the Google Cloud Platform. The PHP runtime on the platform has just become generally available. In this workshop we will look at how to get started with the developers console to create your project, we will look at the SDK usage for the platform, and deploying your app to the cloud. We will explore the PHP runtime and also use Google Cloud Storage. The workshop will involve building a simple starter app, using the SDK to deploy it live, and explore the platform services and features as a result.


Conference Will Be Held At

Blandford Manor

The perfect venue with the best food in town!

Blandford Manor is a beautiful Old English estate and Manor House established along the banks of the Olienhoutpoort river in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.


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